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Why go natural?

At Mike's Natural Pet Market, we believe in giving our pets the best life possible. We strive to ensure that the products we carry are made from the best ingredients and never include any byproducts or unnatural chemicals. We ensure that the foods we offer have no "fillers" --products used to bulk up the food but do not contain any nutritional value. These byproducts and fillers are found in many of the foods you can purchase at mega pet stores and grocery chains. We actively avoid selling products that can cause harm to our pets, unlike our big box competitors.

Our pets can't digest foods the way we do. Humans can change their diets daily without issue. For instance, we can eat chicken for dinner on a Monday, beef on a Tuesday, and pork on a Wednesday, and our bodies will digest the foods in the same way each time.

Our pets do not have that ability--their digestive systems are much more sensitive and require tapering when changing foods. When you add chemicals and byproducts, the process takes even longer and can cause damage to your pet's digestive system. We believe that our pets should have a properly balanced, meat-based diet, as they would in the wild. The foods we offer promote happy tummies, healthy hearts, and strong bones and teeth. 

Click Here to learn about some of the brands we offer.

Click Here to learn about the all natural treats we offer.

Please visit our store to see our full line of food offerings and get a recommendation for your pet!

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