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Four-Star Nutritionals

Fromm was created in Mike’s home state of Wisconsin, but that’s not the only reason we love them! Fromm Family Pet Food pride themselves on providing the best pet foods to local, family-owned pet supply retailers. Like us, you cannot purchase their products from large, nationwide retailers. They have a commitment to creating the highest quality, consistently manufactured, safest and healthiest food for our pets. They also pride themselves on nourishing and maintaining excellent relationships with their retail partners. What does that mean for you? As a consumer, you are getting the best possible product because we as the retailer are always receiving the best from our manufacturer. 

Health Extension
For a Healthy Life

Health Extension is dedicated to providing your pet top quality, sustainable foods with the best ingredients available. We love them for their transparency about what goes into each bag of their food, their small-batch approach to production, and their commitment to providing products for your animal’s specific needs, such as their excellent line of grain free foods. They are also a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, which works toward minimizing the pet industry’s impact on our environment.  

Nutri Source
Super Premium Pet Foods

NutriSource, family owned and operated since 1964, is committed to providing top quality foods to independent pet retailers. You won’t find their foods in mega pet stores. They encourage shopping small and we love working with manufacturers who have a commitment to our small business’ success. NutriSource pride themselves on providing the best long term wellbeing options for your pet—their foods are carefully created for each stage of your pet’s life. Their recipes are aimed at ensuring your pet stays healthy from birth to its senior years. 

Stella & Chewy's
Only the Good Stuff

Stella & Chewy is paving the way for an easy-to-implement, sustainable raw diet for your pet. With their freeze-dried, raw kibble, your pet can have a healthy, happy raw diet without the fuss of working with raw ingredients. They also provide top quality non-raw products that we love. Stella & Chewy sources only the best sustainable, hormone and antibiotic free meat, and 100% organic fruits and veggies for their foods. We are consistently impressed by their commitment to having the best ingredients for your pet.  

EarthBorn Holistics.jpg
Earthborn Holistic
Natural Food for Pets

Earthborn, family owned since 1926, is committed to offering high quality, holistic foods with the best ingredients available. They offer only the best whole grain and grain free foods. Their focus, like ours, is on your pet's overall health and wellbeing. Earthborn is also committed to environmental initiatives that help our planet. We love them for their healthy, nutritious products for our animals, and also for their continued efforts to help our planet by using recycled and renewable products for their packaging and marketing items.

Your Pet's Signature Diet for Life

Zignature was created with the humblest goal: find a pet food that would help one particular dog with his dietary restrictions. When no food existed and had to be made, Zignature was born. We love this brand for providing alternative meats such as Kangaroo and Goat to our pets who have specific nutritional needs or intolerances to certain types of protein and grains. Zignature works with PHDs to create grain free, limited ingredient, meat-first, hypoallergenic recipes that will satisfy our pet’s dietary needs. 

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