Diatomaceous Earth

Internal Applications For Daily Feeding

Diatomaceous earth helps eliminate most internal worms, though possibly not all. It’s also excellent when fed daily to keep down fly loads, since food grade diatomaceous earth is eliminated from the body, exactly the way it went in, it helps reduce the manure odor and kills flies that come in contact with it.

Mix in animal feed or grain and/or feed free choice. Goats, fowl, and dogs eat it free choice.

 If fecal counts are not zero for worms and ova after feeding DE for 30 days, increase the daily dose. Feeding too small a dose of DE will not give desired results. Increasing the dose, even if greater than the  recommendations, will not harm anyone. Some horses do fine on 1/2 cup of DE daily, others need a full cup. This reminds us, that all beings are different. So again, if the worm and ova counts are not zero, increase your daily dose.

Use externally to control anthills, arachnids, fleas ticks, flies, head lice and more.


Recommended Daily Feeding Rates
Kittens 1/2 teaspoon
Cats 1 teaspoon
Puppies 1/2 to 1 teaspoon
Dogs under 35 lbs. 1 tablespoon
Dogs over 100 lbs. 2 tablespoons
Cattle, Dairy Cows, & Hogs 2% of dry feed ration
Chickens 5% in feed
Goats & Sheep 2% in grain
Horses 1/2 to 1 cup in daily ration
Humans 1 heaping tablespoon daily