OxyE-100 Drops

Exclusively From:  Mike’s Natural Pet Market

OXY-Natural Drops is a safe and stable compound which offers many internal and topical uses. It is a powerful oxidizing substance which can act as a bactericide, viricide and fungicide.
Ingested, OXY E-Natural Drops releases precursors which assist the body in the removal of dangerous free radicals which cause aging and disease. Oxy-Natural Drops helps to increase the efficiency of enzymes involved in oxidation of foreign material and pathogens in the body such as viruses.

OXY-Natural Drops is very alkaline, and can therefore help to neutralize stomach acid for those who suffer with Acid Reflux. It may help digestion and colon flora and may increase energy and endurance.

Nzymes can be taken internally (diluted) and used topically (spray or wipe) against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. Also used to treat water by glass or gallon; (great for dog shows and motorhomes to detoxify);  used in vaporizers for respiratory infections ; used for camping and Int'l. travel to decontaminate water; used to disinfect surfaces.

Chlorine dioxide is a highly effective, environmentally friendly microbiocide. Chlorine dioxide penetrates the cell wall of pathogenic microorganisms and disrupts metabolic functions. Many pathogenic bacteria (e.g., salmonella and E. coli) contain an enzyme known as a “Respiratory Nitrate Reductase”. When chlorine dioxide penetrates the bacteria it disrupts this enzyme and kills the harmful bacteria. Beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract lack respiratory nitrate reductase enzyme, so the chlorine dioxide does not affect them (Note: this will not destroy the beneficial bacteria of the intestinal tract).

For a 2% solutions mix = 1 teaspoon OXY E-Natural Drops in 1 cup of distilled water.                                      
You can then use this diluted solution as an eye, skin, ear wash as well as a feminine cleansing aid.

TWO PRECAUTIONS:                                                                                      
1.) Do NOT Apply Undiluted to Skin, Eyes or Mucous Membranes! The only exception would be to apply a drop to a cotton swab or Q-tip and use it one (1) drop at a time for warts, bee stings, nail fungus, Insect bites, etc.
2). The Concentrated Solution Will Bleach! Be very careful with respect to clothing and other fabrics. If a spill occurs, flood the area immediately with water and soak up with absorbent material.

SPILLAGE: Flush area with water. If in contact with clothing or other material, saturate with water and blot with absorbent paper as OXY-Natural Drops has bleaching properties.  
SKIN: Flush with water. Concentrate is irritating to skin.  
EYES: Flush with water for 10 minutes. See a physician if pain or stinging persists.  
ORAL: If swallowed in concentrate form, immediately drink large amounts of water (1 quart to 1/2 gallon). If nausea persists, see a physician.